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GIS Analysis and Outputs

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​Drone data like orthophotos, DEMs, DTMs, and 3D models opens the door for endless possibilities of GIS analysis to produce informative maps, interpretations and to plan effectively. High resolution orthophotos can be used to precisely digitize features, make accurate measurements and produce survey grade maps. DEM/DTM can be used to extract contours or for creating color coded elevation maps to understand the elevation changes throughout the area. These maps can be exported in various formats for easy visualization, sharing and for incorporation into the project report. GIS shapefiles, when overlaid on drone imagery, is a great visual representation of the area with marked features. Our team of GIS experts works toward analysing the drone data and providing the most detailed maps and analysis report that aids in project planning and execution.

​GIS Digitization on Drone Orthophoto

The orthophoto/map produced via drone survey is of very high resolution and is accurately georeferenced. Our team of GIS experts can precisely mark and digitize all the features visible in the orthophoto producing an informative map with an easy to understand legend and measurement details of different features (for eg. road length, width, site boundary area/perimeter, tagging structures, etc.)

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​Digitized Survey Map

Digitized GIS maps are a great tool to understand and analyse the project site. Digitized features like lakes, ponds, buildings, trees, roads, etc. along with an easy to understand legend helps in understanding the current state of the site and aids in better planning for future work. It also gives an idea about the land use and land cover. 

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Digitized Map with Contour Lines/Grid

Layer 9.png

Using the DEM obtained from drone survey, our GIS experts create an accurate terrain model displaying bare earth elevation data. This data is represented on top of the digitised map as contour lines or grid to help visualise the elevation changes in the area.

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Elevation Profiles

Since the drone captures all X, Y and Z coordinates, it becomes easy to visualise the changes in elevation profile through GIS analysis. This is helpful for understanding the terrain, making cross-sections and computing volumes.

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