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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a Technology Services company providing the most innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

At GeoVironment3D, we aim towards strategic data collection using Drones, Digital SLR and 360° camera to produce high quality outputs. These outputs can be used by clients from various sectors like Climate Change and Energy, Government bodies, Construction and Mining companies, Farming, Educational Institutions and Corporate Companies.

We are also specialized in using photogrammetry techniques to make highly interactive 3D and 360-degree virtual tours to help you showcase your property, without investing in expensive 3D scanners. For more information visit

We believe in being a one-stop shop to provide you with services that will speed up your project, reduce manpower, avoid accidents and bring down the project cost considerably. 


Meet The Team


Apoorv Avasthy
(Co-Founder, CTO)

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Apoorv is a Geologist and holds a Master's degree in Geology from the University of Munich, Germany. He has hands-on experience of operating UAVs and analyzing acquired images for generating 3D models and survey grade maps. He has a passion for photogrammetry and is efficient in a wide range of image processing software.


Arjun Avasthy
(Co-Founder, CEO)

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Arjun is an Environmental Engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Resource Management from Germany . He also completed a diploma in clean development mechanism (Kyoto Protocol). He has more than 7 years of experience in the private sector and International organizations (UN)/donor funded projects accompanied with research on Safe Use of wastewater in agriculture and waste to energy studies and trans-boundary cooperation.

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Ayush Milvaniya
(On-Site Engineer & Drone Programmer)

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Ayush is a tech-savvy Electronics Engineer Knowledgeable in both computer science and electronics engineering. He has a track record in designing, testing, developing test components, and is focused on developing useful solutions to meet changing business and customer demands. He also has hands-on experience in drone handling/programming.


Ashad Alif
(GIS Expert)

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Alif is experienced in GIS applications with a demonstrated history of working in the industries that need geospatial technologies providing them better leverage. Skilled in ArcGIS Products, QGIS, Image Processing, Geodatabase Management, Strategic Planning and Project Management.


Jatin Goyal
(AI, ML & Robotics Expert)

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Jatin Goyal, is an Autodidact, Roboticist, and an Enthusiastic Maker who loves to tinker with technology and passionate about making robots. He is also an expert in C++, JavaScript, and Python and has hands-on experience experience in developing hardware and software for various projects, and prototypes.

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Our Mission

We are constantly working towards making drone surveys more accessible and researching towards its application in different fields. We are also constantly developing our suites of software that makes drone data easy to share and analyse.

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