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Professional Drone and Virtual Solutions Under One Roof

Happy clients in India and Europe

30+ Virtual Site Viewings Created

20,000+ Acres area surveyed

Technical consulting support throughout the project

Govt. of India & DPIIT recognized start-up


About us

We believe in being a one-stop shop to provide you with services that will speed up your project, reduce manpower, avoid accidents and bring down the project cost considerably using latest drone and virtual reality tech. 

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Why Choose Geovironment3D

Cutting Edge Software Tech

We have partnered with the best software companies to get the most out of the outputs

Super-Fast Data Delivery

We give our 200% percent to deliver the data before the stipulated time so that you get time to nurture your project

Experienced Drone Pilots

With a team of experienced drone pilots and site engineers, on-site conditions cannot keep our drones on the ground

Experienced Consulting Service

Modern and vast number of outputs can be daunting but we are there at each step to provide the best technical consulting to help a project succeed

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What we offer


"The team was very professional and completed the entire survey within few hours and the data was ready in just 2 days. They also supported us in understanding and analyzing drone data so that we can get the most information out of it."
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Civil Engg./On-Site Manager, DS Enterprise

"The virtual reality content has helped us immensely in showing our sites to the clients and customers. We don't have to travel physically everytime now to the site and that saves us a lot of cost. The video calling feature has helped us in connecting with our clients irrespective of the location"
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Sunny Thakur

Director, ABS Developers & Consultants

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Our Services

Land Survey Using UAV's


UAV Data Processing

GIS Mapping & Analysis

Interactive Aerial Content

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Our Clients

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  • Why go for the drone survey?
    Drone survey allows for large area data capture in a very short interval of time in contrast to the traditional ground survey methods. The number of outputs are also 3x more.
  • What would be the resolution of the map generated from the drone survey?
    The resolution depends on the camera quality of the drone and the height at which the drone operated during the survey. It can go anywhere from 1 cm/pixel to 5 cm/pixel on an average (for drone flight height between 50-100m).
  • What are the types of outputs I can get?
    The main outputs from the drone survey are listed below: 1. Orthophoto - A high resolution georeferenced drone map 2. Point cloud: A cluster of points (of the site) having 3D coordinates 3. DEM: An elevation map representing the x, y and z coordinate of every point 4. DTM: An elevation map of bare earth/land without any natural or man made features like buildings, poles, trees, etc. 5. Contour map Other add-on services are: 1. GIS analysis and digitized map 2. AutoCAD file 3. Technical consulting 4. AI and ML implementation
  • How much time will it take for the survey?
    The average time for on-filed data collection for an area of 2500 acres (approx. 10 sq. Km) will take around 2 days along with additional 2 days for data processing.
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